Enough is enough

I have spent almost four years listening to Donald J. Trump. I couldnt believe he had won in the first place. To me Trump was the guy that kept harassing President Obama, that he wasnt born in The USA. And because of that he was an illegitimate president because presidents need to be natural born citizens. Of course Obama was born in USA. He was born on Hawaii. His mother was American and his father was from Kenya. So what. But DJT had to keep it up for years. Obama even showed DJT a birth certificate. Which he did not need to do. He just wanted to shut him up, but it didnt. Finally big mouth finally stopped. Probably not until Obama was leaving office, turning it over to Donald!!

Can you imagine the horror when I woke up in the morning in my apartment I Cambodia to Donald John Trump had won the presidency. OMG how could this have happened?? He was the guy on TV that fired people on his awful show, The Apprentice. He was the creep in the tabloids for getti g divorced, then getting married, then getting divorced. Then getting married. Yikes this guy was a mess. He built casinos in Atlantic City. Then lost casinos in AC. Went bankrupt, I believe 7 times. Sued everyone, all the time. Stiffs contractors and sub contractors. People sued him all the time also. One big one were students of Trump University, sued him and he had to pay 25 million buck a roos to the defrauded students.