Well I can’t even afford Mexico!!

I started this journey with my so called friend Leon. But he and I parted ways in Playa del Carmen. I went on ahead to Guadalajara and he went to Cancun. I stayed in GA fir a few days and moved on to PV.

I have made friends here with other ex-pats. And as of next week I am moving closer to the Malecon and friends. The neighborhood I am in now is truly Mexican. No tourists here. It’s about 4 blocks to Avenida Mexico and another ten blocks to the malecon. I have eaten Carnitas from the carnitas truck. Tacos from the taco truck. Seafood from the seafood truck. There not trucks but carts I guess. Anyway you can eat pretty thrifty by just eating from the little stores along the street. Today it didn’t rain! But then it’s humid. Can’t win. Walked up the street to a totally Mexican town atmosphere. I was looking fir the panderia for pastry. But it was closed. One place was packing pineapples. Another had fresh seafood. It’s really interesting walking in these little colonias. This is how it is to live in Mexico. You look up and it us all jungle!!! I want to go zip lining thru the jungle!!! I have been on a real tight budget. Seems I don’t have enough social security to live in the USA. And it seems I don’t ha r enough to live in Mexico either! I forgot to put away fir my retirement! Oh I forgot I had to raise my five kids!

I thought about moving along to Mazalan, Mx. It is known for a famous cartel in the state of Sinola. But not if you stay in the safe zones. Life is a gamble, so I decided to leave my Mexican colonia and moved into a hotel by the Bay of Banderas. Closer to my friend from San Diego. Lots of Canadians here in PV. Meet one at hair salon yesterday. She was a trip!! So I sort of feel like part of the ex/pat community. Different from being a tourist.