My time in Puerto Vallarta

Actually I left for Cancun with my friend mike. Same mike I went to Thailand with six years ago. We arrived late into Cancun. The airport is very difficult to get reasonably charged taxi. Finally we found the buses going into playa del Carmen. The buses in Mexico are big, comfortable, air conditioned and have internet. It’s a great ride. And priced modestly. $17 for a ride from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. We arrived in Playa late at night and had taxi drive us to hotel. It was awful but doable for the night. I must admit I really didn’t feel safe. So in the morning we found a hotel right off 5th Av. What a fifth Avenue!!! The stores were all the high end stores. Not that I wanted ti shop in them, but was very surprised. And the weather was hit. Really hit snd humid. Did not like the heat at all, but it was July!!!

It had beautiful beaches on the Caribbean. It was quite beautiful and we had a nice, reasonable hotel with a great balcony overlooking the entrance to 5th Av.

It was entirely to hot for me and I made the decision to move on. I took a taxi to the bus station to catch flight out of Cancun to Guadalajara.

I stayed in Guadalajara for a few days. I took a bus to a enclave of American retirees, but the town didn’t seem very exciting and I took the bus back to Guadalajara. Guadalajara is a big city with great transportation system, which I got lost taking!! the city has lots of history and culture. But it wasn’t for me. So I took a five hour bus ride to Puerto Vallarta.

The trip was beautiful, traveling thru the jungle and coming into PV. Only it was pouring rain as I took a taxi from the bus station. I thought it was a hurricane!!! When I arrived at the hotel it was pounding rain. The cab driver didn’t help me get out my suitcases, so I dragged them up four or five steps into the hotel. I was drenched. As the receptionist asked for information I realized I left my phone in the taxi!!!

Now I am upset. I get the key to my room, which was a lovely spot close to the pool snd bar. To get my bearings and smoke a cigarette I sat outside at the tables close to the bar. A guy came over and said hello and he was American!!! Not only was he American as I found out while chit chatting, he was from California. From San Diego, from where I have lived in San Diego for 27 years!!! He went to the same university in North County and grad school at the same university!!! Wow!! How weird is that. His wife is from Spain, so she was totally lost with our conversation. It was absolutely the best thing that could of happened to me arriving alone in a foreign city!! Besides calling my phone snd having the taxi driver answer!!! He returned my phone the next day fir the price of the taxi fare. Which was so very nice snd stress reducing!!!

Needless to say they became my quick friends. I moved out of the hotel to an air bnb and I found they had moved closer to where I was and I was thrilled.