Living in a world gone upside down!!

Ukraine is living thru this horrific attack on their countries land and people. It’s hard to separate the horror and us living in the USA.

These are scary times. we live under the threat of nuclear war. That crazy Russian wants to be the Czar. Yes Ukraine was part of the Russ empire and the capital was in Kiev!! But the Ukrainians have been free if Russia for over thirty years. They don’t want to be part of corrupt Putin Russia.

How sad can you imagine packing your suitcase. Taking you children and driving to another country, (I guess maybe Mexico or Canada) leaving behind your life,. Your house, your job, your stuff!!! Gone! Poof!!

Then we have our own crazies in our country. Ginny thompson, the wife of creepy Justice Thomas on the Supreme Court was at the January 6th insurrection to overthrow the election of President Biden and replace him with that piece of garbage (trump). she called Mark Meadows, drumpts chief of staff snd wanted to save our country!!!! These conservative, federalist society nut cases want drumpt to be out dictator!!!

I don’t know which is worse. Fighting a war with a dictator and authoritarian or having one leading our country. It’s all so frightening.

The human race has been at war since the beginning of humanity. I am sure the only occurrence that will stop these evil people in their tracks will be visitors from other planets. It’s impossible that we are alone in this universe. We started seeing ufo’s around the same time as the bomb drop on nagishoke and Hiroshima l, Japan to put an end to ww11. they probably said “what the f are those humans doing!!”