Climate Change is at critical point and we have a crazy man waging a war!!!!

I can not believe that Putin is so completely blind to the planet earth. He is waging 20th century war in the twenty first century!!!

We just lived thru a world-wide pandemic for over two years and this Neanderthal is bombing and killing thousands and thousands of people. Men, women and children. And for what??? How can people be so completely oblivious to humankind.

Sad. The world should be working together to tackle the worlds problems. People are starving on this planet and more are going to. We are living under the fear of nuclear war, World War 111.

How fucking stupid. Uprooting families, upsetting the whole world. So he can be a czar again. How much money and power does one man need.?

We have to fight climate change now!!! And now the world has to turn our attention on War. Makes me so sad. Violence. Crazy.