This blog was about women that faced domestic violence before it was called domestic violence. Of course it’s such a downer subject I just stuffed it.

With Johnny DEPP and Amber Heard going at each other it triggers me. But I can’t stop watching it while I do other stuff.

Then today it’s the leak of SCOTUS opinion on Roe vs Wade. What a nightmare. These justices that are voting for the striking down roe vs Wade are Catholics. I know Amy Barrett belongs to a really hard core catholic secret society. This is not up to people who believe abortion is wrong. That’s their right. It is not their right to make everyone else obey their religious ideas. that is not their job. Humans have been around for a long time. Abirtion had been around for a long time. Back in cave days they just put the baby outside and let it dir after birth. They had reasons. Such as we can’t feed another!!’

I had three children. My husband lost his job. He was abusive. I did not want another child. I personally wanted a job. I wanted to go to school. I wanted to have a life. My life stopped at 18, when I was pregnant. Stop life. Your a parent. It was awful.