I can’t believe the Supreme Court want to overturn Roe vs Wade

I am as angry as Elizabeth Warren. This is an absolute travesty. I am so sick of old white men telling women what they can do it not do. And evangelical Christian’s and Catholics.I or any religion.

Religion does not belong in the government. Where do religious people get off telling other people what they can and cannot do. Because you believe something doesn’t make it so!!!

Roe vs Wade is not about a child’s life. We can argue till the cows come in about what us a viable life. Because you believe it in your religion died t mean you can force other people to do what you say.

Women are still going to have abortions. Not just women that are single and you evangelicals decide she has to carry that child because she is a fallen women. There are married women that already have children. And since no grounds for divorce, men can leave their wives fir another women it fir another man it because he hates her guts. Whatever. They can leave. They are suppose to osy child support. Big deal. If they don’t make decent money than mom is out of luck. It maybe daddy’s found himself a rich girlfriend snd he doesn’t even have to work, so too bad moma. this system is screwed up. People act like getting child support should loved everything. What if the mother finds herself pregnant, should she give birth to the child and not be able to give it a decent life. But she is busy taking care of the kids she already had and dies not get enough to care for them. Women have husbands that die. Maybe they get insurance maybe not. What if the married women had a wife battering husband. Should she stay with him to have a father gif her kids or should she have to raise the kids on her own with no help for the socialist programs the GOP always complains about!!! Housing, childcare, food security, medical care and that’s just the bare minimum.what about education for the children. What about clothes, sports, dental. What about the mother not getting social security like her husband because she raised the kids. Didn’t get to finish college. Left to raise the kids on a clerks salary. Then winds up in a shelter in old age because she never made the money to have a decent social security or a career to have a pension.

It just goes on and on. But the people that want to force women in terrible life changing situations to carry a child to term to give it up . To carry s child if a rapist or incest without any safety nets. Live like second class citizens because they are single m, not by their choice it maybe by their choice. Doesn’t matter.

If you want women to have babies, people have to start respecting motherhood. Not make single mothers live in ghettos or worry if the food stamps are going to go far enough. If that I am not going to have money for the mortgage it rent and May face homelessness. Give mother dignity. Not be happy with the scraps society deems appropriate. Not all men are lazy bums. Many come up to the plate. They care for their children and the mother of their children weather they are with them or not.

Motherhood should be supported, not forced and if they choose to have the child, that society supports that decision. Not just say they get child support. Because sometimes child support means poverty. Put the money where your mouth is!!!