Well I have taken a complete turn!

I found this channel on prime. It’s called Gaia and “open mind”

I just decided there is absolutely nothing I can do to change all this crazy shut going on in this world. Crazy Putin and his back to the Stone Age war. The horrible racist white evangelical so called Christian’s. (Jesus must be flipping out) the wackado republicans following the evil, racist, pathological liar drumpt. It’s just freakin insane!

So I was flipping they prime tv and found this Gaia channel that is fabulous. It is just what I needed. A Argentinian guy named matais de stefano who I listened to four seasons!!! With like 15 episodes each. A lot went over my head, but I am listening to him. He makes sense. We live in the third dimension, but we can progress to fourth, fifth, sixth. Up to ninth. Align our chakras. Raise our vibrations.

Today there was congressional sub committee hearings on UAP . Unidentified Aerial phenomena. Changed the name from UFO. Why, who knows. To confuse us probably.

This is the first congressional hearing on this in fifty years!!! Like they didn’t notice all those 400 sightings in the last fifty years. People are going to completely flipped out when they finally tell Joe public there are actually little green men.

So I am going all in. No more crazy, depressing news. Putin, trump, roe vs Wade, shootings, climate change, racists, white dupremists, republicans, tucker, white Christian evangelicals, red necks, homeless, poverty, Covid, enough!!!!!’