I have taken a new path!!

I found myself totally involved with the whole trump disaster . I found it monumentally depressing! And he is still at it. I have lost friends or should I say, I have not wanted to have any thing to do with trumpers. He is still at it with his big lie and God help America if he comes back. Bad enough having crazy republicans still pushing the big lie. Then we have deranged Putin and the unbelievable war against the Ukrainians.

I started watching shows on a channel called Gaia. Great stations for alternative thinking. All kinds of metaphysical visitors and shows about aliens, past regression, akashic records, psychics, Kahbala ancient teachings, Egyptian pyramids. And my personal favorite Matias de Stefano from Argentina. He says he lived in Atlantis and that he had had many lives. He has talked about The galactic Federation, I know it sounds like Star Trek. He has been telling people about a earth awakening to find the Devine within ourselves. As recently as this past February 2022 he and a group of I believe several thousands went on a trip to Egypt. They held services in the pyramids, they went to open portals. They are planning another trip to Argentina in November 2022. H has a social podcast . He has been on you tube daily teaching about humanity and leading meditations. He has done this for the past. 360 days . He will start a new year according to Sirius calendar on February 4th. It has changed my life. I will write more tomorrow, it’s getting late!