This world is so crazy!!!

I have began a quest to find the truth of humans existence. There is so much science does not know.

I was raised Catholic. I went to catholic school. I lived in a housing complex in the Bronx in NYC that was segregated!!! This was in the 1950’s. Talk about being sheltered. Then I was moved up to “the country”. About 50 miles north of NYC. Again almost predominately white. Two or three black students. Again Catholic school. Talk about brainwashed.,

Now I believe there are other beings from other planets!!! This earth is just out of control. War, poverty, capitalism on steroids, homelessness, starvation, disease. How can this possibly be happening when we are the richest country in the world or one of several. We can put a man on the moon fly to mars and watt telescope goes back 23.7 billion years to the si called Big Bang, but we can’t pay a living wage to people. Can’t wipe out poverty and food insecurity. Russia is back to last century waging war with tanks on their neighbor!! Yeah we definitely fucked this up and need to fix it.!!!