Had a nice break

My daughter came to visit from Irvine for the day. My day had started out slow. On weekends I tend not to go to the beach, which I love and stay close to home because the parking at mission Beach is hard. During the week I will go to the beach. I walk along barefoot along the shore and get my steps in for my exercise. Love walking along the ocean. Live the sounds, the smells and the energy. I’ll alternate going to the San Diego zoo and walk among the absolutely fabulous surroundings!! I get my steps in walking in nature. Other days it’s a walk to Embarcadero Park or Seaport Village. It’s all great.

San Diego Zoo
elephants Playing

But today we walked to Horton plaza to find theater tickets. The “Lion King” was showing at the Civic Center just a few blocks from my place!!! As we walked past the theater goers I suggested we check at the ticket window to see if they discounted last minutes tickets. The tickets that were available online were well over $100 and up. With that a woman csme up to me while I was waiting for my daughter to check on tickets and said would I like tickets to the show” She and e that they had four extra tickets and wanted someone to enjoy them. Her partners father had bought them snd the other family members were unable to attend!!! When I told her si had wanted to see the show and that I had put that out in the universe, which I had. We went in, found our seats H row, right in the middle orchestra. Unbelievable. A day started out doing the wash and finished with my daughter paying a surprise visit, getting free tickets, two new friends and a wonderful theater experience of The Lion King with standing ovations. It was just the thing I needed.

I have spent many hours watching documentaries. Reading books on spirituality. Listening to audio books by Carl Sagan while to go on my nature walks.

I woke up last week, sat straight up and said out loud “I am truth seeker” . And I repeated it like it wasn’t coming from me. So I am becoming that truth seeker. I listen to matias deStefano and his daily channeling of his higher self if I Am. Then I listen to his blog cast and meditation. I have read books by Edgar Caycee, Dolores cannon. Listened to lots of different people on the again channel. Shamans, physics, channeled, ashkasic readers, extraterrestrial contacts. All kinds of new age information. I have been a member of MUFON since before I left for Thailand. And my belief in our cosmic brothers is even stronger. I just discovered billy Meier from Switzerland and investigating his claim of contact with pleidisns from Cyrus. Anyway I will have more updates on my progress. It’s all a little overwhelming. I have also watched all the Ancient Aliens series season one thru eighteen. I am on a quest of awakening!!!’

Mission Beach