New Age conscientiousness’s

I have been on a truth seeker journey. One morning I sat up in bed and proceeded to speak words I was not prepared to say. Lit was not coming from my conscience thoughts. I said “I Am A Truth Seeker” and I said it three times, out loud. Not that there was anyone listening!! Anyway that’s where I am

And I have been on that journey. Ok I listen to Matias deStefeno having a conversation with his higher self on topics that coordinate with the constellations and vibrations. Then after that Matias has a program that breaks down what the conversation was about with his higher self. He brings in a lot of biology. And then he does an alignment and a meditation.

I have listened and read books on kabbala Buddha, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Egyptian. Civilizations, Mayan, Inca, Peruvian. First civilizations that built these fabulously i creditable stone buildings that I do not believe those civilizations had the technology to built these structure weighing tons!!! Extraterrestrials may have been here. I am not quite there but we are cosmically connected. The universe is infinite. There is no end to the universe, galaxies, solar systems. We really are pretty primitive snd with all our technology we do not have a concrete answer to where we come from!