I can’t believe the Supreme Court want to overturn Roe vs Wade

I am as angry as Elizabeth Warren. This is an absolute travesty. I am so sick of old white men telling women what they can do it not do. And evangelical Christian’s and Catholics.I or any religion.

Religion does not belong in the government. Where do religious people get off telling other people what they can and cannot do. Because you believe something doesn’t make it so!!!

Roe vs Wade is not about a child’s life. We can argue till the cows come in about what us a viable life. Because you believe it in your religion died t mean you can force other people to do what you say.

Women are still going to have abortions. Not just women that are single and you evangelicals decide she has to carry that child because she is a fallen women. There are married women that already have children. And since no grounds for divorce, men can leave their wives fir another women it fir another man it because he hates her guts. Whatever. They can leave. They are suppose to osy child support. Big deal. If they don’t make decent money than mom is out of luck. It maybe daddy’s found himself a rich girlfriend snd he doesn’t even have to work, so too bad moma. this system is screwed up. People act like getting child support should loved everything. What if the mother finds herself pregnant, should she give birth to the child and not be able to give it a decent life. But she is busy taking care of the kids she already had and dies not get enough to care for them. Women have husbands that die. Maybe they get insurance maybe not. What if the married women had a wife battering husband. Should she stay with him to have a father gif her kids or should she have to raise the kids on her own with no help for the socialist programs the GOP always complains about!!! Housing, childcare, food security, medical care and that’s just the bare minimum.what about education for the children. What about clothes, sports, dental. What about the mother not getting social security like her husband because she raised the kids. Didn’t get to finish college. Left to raise the kids on a clerks salary. Then winds up in a shelter in old age because she never made the money to have a decent social security or a career to have a pension.

It just goes on and on. But the people that want to force women in terrible life changing situations to carry a child to term to give it up . To carry s child if a rapist or incest without any safety nets. Live like second class citizens because they are single m, not by their choice it maybe by their choice. Doesn’t matter.

If you want women to have babies, people have to start respecting motherhood. Not make single mothers live in ghettos or worry if the food stamps are going to go far enough. If that I am not going to have money for the mortgage it rent and May face homelessness. Give mother dignity. Not be happy with the scraps society deems appropriate. Not all men are lazy bums. Many come up to the plate. They care for their children and the mother of their children weather they are with them or not.

Motherhood should be supported, not forced and if they choose to have the child, that society supports that decision. Not just say they get child support. Because sometimes child support means poverty. Put the money where your mouth is!!!


Climate Change is at critical point and we have a crazy man waging a war!!!!

I can not believe that Putin is so completely blind to the planet earth. He is waging 20th century war in the twenty first century!!!

We just lived thru a world-wide pandemic for over two years and this Neanderthal is bombing and killing thousands and thousands of people. Men, women and children. And for what??? How can people be so completely oblivious to humankind.

Sad. The world should be working together to tackle the worlds problems. People are starving on this planet and more are going to. We are living under the fear of nuclear war, World War 111.

How fucking stupid. Uprooting families, upsetting the whole world. So he can be a czar again. How much money and power does one man need.?

We have to fight climate change now!!! And now the world has to turn our attention on War. Makes me so sad. Violence. Crazy.

Well the earth can be saved!!

But I have immersed myself in tv. Not any tv , documentaries on nature. It’s been inspiring!!

I was so depressed about Putin and the war and drumpt and his crazy followers that I just wanted to run.

The Colorado river is now connected to the sea of Cortez because these biologists on Earth-A new Wild. the engineers release water from the Glen Dam. it now is thriving with wild birds and fish!!! We can reverse the damage. This damage happened over a decade, just a decade it dried up due to mismanagement and it was corrected! There is hope!

Trump and his minions have to be taken down. Our democracy depends on it!!

There is so much big money in these games of politics, it almost like watching a horse race. The manuverning that is going on is mind blowing.

The dark money. The Ms Mercer and peter Theil, the Koch brothers or brother now. I think David died. If drumpt gets re-elected we are screwed.

Great article in The NY Times. I will attach it here.

Another “special” person.

Gianni Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas the Supreme Court justice is a Qanon nut case.

The crazy conspiracy theories rolled into evangelical Christian’s and you get Gianni Thomas. Yikes. She wants to have her “great” president drumpt back in the saddle. You can’t make this stuff up.

So we have a former president that refuses to acknowledge that he lost!!! So he gets all the yahoos that think he is the second coming to break into the capital, the seat of the United states

There is a war in Ukraine with another dictator killing thousands of men, women and children!!! They are killing children. And we have Fox News broadcasting to their brain dead audience that Russia is good, and drumpt thinking he is a genius.

Trying meditation

I have started meditation trying to connect to the universe. Things are still pretty shaky with my family, so going beyond myself helps.

Whenever I feel sad or angry about how things have worked out, it’s the time to put in all perspective.

My youngest children were twins. They were very young when I left their father. I had three older children. So I had been in a bad situation a long time. Just naive I guess. I meet my ex when I was sixteen. Still in high school. He just out of the army after two years.

Anyway, my oldest, my son knew what went on. He knew and someday he could explain to the younger ones. But he was murdered. So that was gone. I hate being classified as a victim. I am a survivor. So it really gets me that my children, women, don’t get it. Sad, oh well. Nothing I can do but reach out to other survivors. Haven’t found any yet. I was sure there would be women out there that ran into guys that were nasty. Thought nothing if shoving around women. It’s awful.

Living in a world gone upside down!!

Ukraine is living thru this horrific attack on their countries land and people. It’s hard to separate the horror and us living in the USA.

These are scary times. we live under the threat of nuclear war. That crazy Russian wants to be the Czar. Yes Ukraine was part of the Russ empire and the capital was in Kiev!! But the Ukrainians have been free if Russia for over thirty years. They don’t want to be part of corrupt Putin Russia.

How sad can you imagine packing your suitcase. Taking you children and driving to another country, (I guess maybe Mexico or Canada) leaving behind your life,. Your house, your job, your stuff!!! Gone! Poof!!

Then we have our own crazies in our country. Ginny thompson, the wife of creepy Justice Thomas on the Supreme Court was at the January 6th insurrection to overthrow the election of President Biden and replace him with that piece of garbage (trump). she called Mark Meadows, drumpts chief of staff snd wanted to save our country!!!! These conservative, federalist society nut cases want drumpt to be out dictator!!!

I don’t know which is worse. Fighting a war with a dictator and authoritarian or having one leading our country. It’s all so frightening.

The human race has been at war since the beginning of humanity. I am sure the only occurrence that will stop these evil people in their tracks will be visitors from other planets. It’s impossible that we are alone in this universe. We started seeing ufo’s around the same time as the bomb drop on nagishoke and Hiroshima l, Japan to put an end to ww11. they probably said “what the f are those humans doing!!”

Here in sunny San Diego,Ca

I have an apartment in downtown San Diego. I am sitting on my patio.

I can walk down six blocks and I am on the Embarcadero!! It’s great. A little walk and I am at Seaport Village.

Here the cruise ships dock at the harbor. The sightseeing ships are here to board. all kinds of places to eat. Sit on the bench and people watch.


Jump in the car go six miles and I am at Mission Beach!!!

My time in Puerto Vallarta

Actually I left for Cancun with my friend mike. Same mike I went to Thailand with six years ago. We arrived late into Cancun. The airport is very difficult to get reasonably charged taxi. Finally we found the buses going into playa del Carmen. The buses in Mexico are big, comfortable, air conditioned and have internet. It’s a great ride. And priced modestly. $17 for a ride from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. We arrived in Playa late at night and had taxi drive us to hotel. It was awful but doable for the night. I must admit I really didn’t feel safe. So in the morning we found a hotel right off 5th Av. What a fifth Avenue!!! The stores were all the high end stores. Not that I wanted ti shop in them, but was very surprised. And the weather was hit. Really hit snd humid. Did not like the heat at all, but it was July!!!

It had beautiful beaches on the Caribbean. It was quite beautiful and we had a nice, reasonable hotel with a great balcony overlooking the entrance to 5th Av.

It was entirely to hot for me and I made the decision to move on. I took a taxi to the bus station to catch flight out of Cancun to Guadalajara.

I stayed in Guadalajara for a few days. I took a bus to a enclave of American retirees, but the town didn’t seem very exciting and I took the bus back to Guadalajara. Guadalajara is a big city with great transportation system, which I got lost taking!! the city has lots of history and culture. But it wasn’t for me. So I took a five hour bus ride to Puerto Vallarta.

The trip was beautiful, traveling thru the jungle and coming into PV. Only it was pouring rain as I took a taxi from the bus station. I thought it was a hurricane!!! When I arrived at the hotel it was pounding rain. The cab driver didn’t help me get out my suitcases, so I dragged them up four or five steps into the hotel. I was drenched. As the receptionist asked for information I realized I left my phone in the taxi!!!

Now I am upset. I get the key to my room, which was a lovely spot close to the pool snd bar. To get my bearings and smoke a cigarette I sat outside at the tables close to the bar. A guy came over and said hello and he was American!!! Not only was he American as I found out while chit chatting, he was from California. From San Diego, from where I have lived in San Diego for 27 years!!! He went to the same university in North County and grad school at the same university!!! Wow!! How weird is that. His wife is from Spain, so she was totally lost with our conversation. It was absolutely the best thing that could of happened to me arriving alone in a foreign city!! Besides calling my phone snd having the taxi driver answer!!! He returned my phone the next day fir the price of the taxi fare. Which was so very nice snd stress reducing!!!

Needless to say they became my quick friends. I moved out of the hotel to an air bnb and I found they had moved closer to where I was and I was thrilled.

Where Have I Been

Well I left Puerta Vallarta and returned to the states at the end of October. Back in San Diego. Living downtown, close to the Harbor.

It s fine. I am pretty disappointed with the division within my country. I am very upset with the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia.

Vladimir Putin is a criminal. He is an ex kBG agent. He has surrounded himself with other KgB agents. What he is doing in Ukraine he will continue to do if he is not stopped. He mission is to destroy the west. He thinks he is a Czar!!

It’s March 31,2020. The world is in the midst of a global pandemic.  I am in the United States. California to be exact. I am currently in rive

Only 100 days on my FMM card instead of 180!!

When I went thru immigration in Cancun, Mexico I was unaware that the immigration agent can write what ever the amount of time to allow you to stay in Mexico, not exceeding 180 days.

I did not realize what that I guessed 100 written across my FMM meant I had 100 days not the usual 180 days. Fir that matter I had no idea what an FMM was. What it is