Arriving in Cambodia from Thailand.

View of Angkor Wat
Walk along water way in Siem Reap

Well the reason I came to Cambodia-was to get a visa. My visa in Thailand had expired and I needed to leave the country. I flew from Bangkok to Siem Reap international airport. This was in October 2016.

After I arrived I took my first tuk drive into Siem Reap. I booked a hotel on

The next day I hired a tuk driver and made a trip to the famous temple Angkor Wat.

On the Drive there which was maybe twenty minuites there were monkeys jumping thru the trees. It was quite entertaining.

Angkor Wat cost I believe $20 for the day. Hugh complex of many temples. I went to the main temple and climbed among the ruins. It was very impressive being from the 11th and 12th century. Also being one of the largest civilization in the world at the timé. Today it is the largest religious temple in the world.


Don’t go to Cambodia without medevac

The friend M, from America, checked out of hotel. He didn’t say good bye to anyone. Just left. Two days later I realized he was gone. This was recently. September 2018.

He was having a problem with his social security. The tuk driver had dropped him off at new hotel. Curious if he was Ok, I had tuk driver take me there.When we arrived the staff was frantic. The staff had a doctor called. He said he had a stroke. The owner was frantic.The ambulance had been called, but they returned him because they said he had no money to pay the $20.

He did. But he was unable to speak. The staff called US embassy. But there is no embassy in Siem Reap only in Phnom Penh. They again took him to hospital in ambulance.I went to check on him next day.

I found him outside under a tree on a metal Guerney. Wet, soiled and with just a wet sheet covering him. His IV laying next to him. A nice man made a pole out of stick to hold up I V. Found a dirty pillow to hold up head hanging backward.I was terrified.

A volunteer from embassy showed up. But they can’t do much. Except try to contact family.For $75 they would move him to the porch.

So I paid the seventy-five dollars and they moved home to the porch!!

They have no meals. Family has to supply. They have no blankets. Just the metal Guerney outside on patio.Bought food and mat and blanket and pillow. But they said he needed to leave because was in alcohol withdrawal.

Next thing someone called and said they moved him to emergency. They did. A real bed with clean sheets. Still no blanket or food. But comforter I bought was ruined. Soaking wet with urine. He was unable to get up so his bed was soaked again.

They did EKG. Said he had heart infraction. I needed to stay overnight and watch that he doesn’t have fever or cough. I hired two girls to care for him overnight. They feed him and gave him water.

His family arranged him to be transported to private hospital. They didn’t want to release him for some reason.

I called US embassy and they spoke to doctor and ambulance showed up to take him to New hospital. Family had paid $1000 deposit.At new hospital, part of Bangkok hospital in Thailand- they confirmed he had a stroke. His speech was slurred. He was unable to move legs. He had bronchitis-working on pneumonia. Had to suction out phelm.Had beautiful comfortable bed in I C U. Was feed intravenously. But this hospital is very expensive.Doctor said one to two months recovery. That could cost $30,000 to $60,000. To medivac to hospital in Thailand expensive also. But probably more reasonable.

Family is deciding what to do.So be sure you have medivac insurance and travel insurance or insurance from home to cover expenses. Or be very rich or have very rich family!!He is still in Cambodian hospital.

I am in Cambodia watching the USA 2016 election.

It’s hard being out of my country when things in the USA are so crazy.

I am not a Trump supporter. Never ever was supporter. I always thought he was a joke. Even before his dumb apprentice show. I was in Siem Reap when Trump won the election. I woke up turned on the news and was in shock. He won. How could he have won the election to be president.

I have been watching this presidency from Cambodia. My friend Leon and I have argued about Trump. Now we discuss nothing to do with politics

Its very upsetting having a person that you speak with on a daily basis and be unable to voice your opinion. It’s crazy making. I wake up in the middle of the night and check my phone to see if we are still ok. I really have a fear that Trump will do something extraordinarily off the wall, like start ww3!!

Trip to Poi Pet Thailand border for visa.

This week has been very different week. September 2018.

I had made friends with a fellow American staying at our hotel. It was nice having someone to chit chat with and go out to Viva Mexican restaurant to have the special $1.50 margarita-for me-a $.50 beer for Mike and $1.50 taco with fabulous salsa for us both. Nice view of Pub street. Busy with tourists from all over the world. Or Brothers restaurant to have a proper dinner such as pork chops and mashed potatoes for $4.00. Also drinks. Life is good in Cambodia.

We tried different places around town or stopped at the food carts for $2.00 chicken and rice. There are so many places to eat in this town and of course drink $.50 beers. We even went to the movies during the week and received the senior discount-$2.00. We saw the new Abba movie”Here We Go Again”.

Well we had language in common but that’s where it almost ended. Politics and religion- we were not on the same page. So we avoided those discussions.

He is 64. He was having trouble with his social security. He had a crazy way of receiving his money. Sent from his account by old friend to his son who then wired it to a bank in Siem Reap. Not the easiest.

I have mine deposited into my account in California and draw it out at the ATM. Easy. Anyway he went to get his wire at the bank and his visa was over stayed by 7 days. Not good. $10 A DAY.

So he had to leave the country to get visa stamp. I had made this trip before so I volunteered to go with him to Thailand.

First we rented taxi to take us to Poi Pet border. It took 3 hours because it was election week end. It was Friday but they started early. Parade of trucks with people waving flags and cheering. Lots and lots of trucks. Needless to say traffic sucked.

We arrived at border at around noon. Then to cross the border. Nightmare. First of all there are no signs. Then you have guys running up dragging you to table to sign up for visa. Lucky this wasn’t my first rodeo. I said no,no,and no. But they kept trying.

Oh did I mention Mike had trouble walking. Not good. It took two and a half hours to get thru. Needed baht not dollars. Needed new photo for visa guys. And he had no money because they wouldn’t give his money at the bank because his visa was expired. Catch 22.

Anyway we made it out for the $35 for the visa. $4 for the photo. And $10 for some guy to run ahead to get Mikes visas stamped. I trusted him. Why I have no idea why-but he did his job and it was worth the $10.

We found our way back to the entrance found our taxi driver and had a pleasant drive back to Siem Reap in a Lexus SUV with a/c. For $80. There and back and waiting for us. Well worth the money!

Do not ever want to make that trip again.

Well Mike decided to leave our hotel before his check showed up. Had no idea where he went.

I was curious. I asked our nice little Khmer waitress and she said ask tuk driver. Which I did. He said he picked him off the sidewalk with his suitcase. What happened next is a whole other story. To be continued…

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand

I first arrived in Bangkok, Thailand in August of 2016.

I had travelled from LAX in Los Angeles.

My friend Leon and I were in San Diego and rented a car to drive from San Diego to fly out of LAX. Why we didn’t fly out of San Diego is another story. Upon our arrival at the return rental car place, after a frantic ride from San Diego to LAX because we were late, my friend Leon asked me where his other black back pack was located. Having enough trouble keeping my things straight I told him it wasn’t my turn to watch his stuff. I thought he was kidding. But nope he didn’t have his back pack. Not only that, but his passport was in that back pack, back in San Diego. Could not believe this was happening. But he returned in the car, rushed me into the airport, went to the desk and chatted with the clerk. Next thing I knew he was gently shoving me on line and telling me go. “I will meet you in Bangkok.” Having to make a quick decision, I followed the fellow passengers and went to the gate.

I flew on to Thailand alone. He would catch up soon. I arrived at Bangkok airport after a 27 hour trip. I wanted a cigarette. So I found the downstairs outside bench relegated to us disgusting smokers. In my digging through my purse for my cigarettes I inadvertently pulled out my wallet and laid it on the bench. Satisfied after my cigarette I hailed a cab and climbed in to be taken to the hotel Leon had told me about. Suddenly I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Frantically I was waving at the taxi driver to stop; go back. He thought I was crazy and didn’t understand a word I was saying. Finally my gyrations clicked and he dropped me back at the airport. I couldn’t pay the guy because I had no money!! Frantically I ran where I thought I had been seated. No good. The airport is huge and I was panicked. No wallet. No money. No credit card. No passport. I was in big trouble. Finally I calmed down. Sat and thought this over. I glanced over at a little stand close to where I thought I had been sitting. I walked over and asked with sign language. They directed me to lost and found. I guess I should have thought about that myself. Anyway it was there!!! I could not believe it. Everything in the wallet. I cannot tell you the absolute relief and thanks for the wonderful people at the Bangkok airport. I am afraid if I had been at LAX or JFK I don’t know if I would have seen the wallet or the contents again. Maybe I would have. I don’t know I never lost a wallet at an airport before.

Needless to say I felt some guardian angel watching over this fool that day.

Going to Thailand

I had lived in San Diego

I left San Diego for Las Vegas and stayed with my friend for a few months. I had my RV and my settlement but couldn’t afford to buy a house or condo or mobile home or a closet in San Diego. So I was looking for a new home. Went to Florida to check out Jupiter, where I had old friends living. But that wasn’t going to work. Then I checked out Mexico. Went down below Rosarita Beach, but didn’t find anything. I thought Mexico would be good being close to the USA. I was retired and on Medicare so I could cross over border for medical care. But that was scary by myself. That’s when I decided to go to Las Vegas. I had a friend living there. Anyway I moved to Las Vegas. I was looking to buy a condo there in Las Vegas. I applied to substitute teach and was thinking of getting my real estate license. I had a real estate license from California. I had worked as a Realtor in San Diego. Not very successfully but it was supplemented with substitute teaching. I had earned a Special Education credential at age 57. But they weren’t going to hire a lady at 57. Of course I didn’t realize that when I worked my butt off to finish the program. Actually it was a graduate degree if I had taken the cap class. Anyway it didn’t work out.

So off to Vegas I went. I actually liked living in Vegas. I had my little poodle mix doggie who I loved and lived in a two bedroom condo a block or two from the strip. It was pretty fun. But again, it was going to be tight.

My friend Leon had lived in Thailand on and off for 30 years. He had stories of how reasonable it would be living in Thailand. The condo we lived in wanted me to leave with my dog. We petitioned and on the day we were moving we received notice that I could stay!!! Too late, everything was sold. We left Las Vegas and were first off to California. After that we were off to Thailand. At least I was, But that is another story. Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand in August of 2016.

Cambodia by way of New York, California, Las Vegas and Thailand.

You may have wondered how I arrived in Cambodia. Well it started in San Diego, California. A beautiful city in the southern part of California, next to the Mexican border. Yes, that Mexican boarder where the POTUS wants to build a wall!!

Actually it started in New York. I left miserable rainy , drizzly weather in NYC and boarded a plane to sunny San Diego, California. I thought I died and went to heaven.

Leaving Thailand for Cambodia.

I moved back to Cambodia the beginning of December 2017 from Pattaya Thailand. I had lived in Pattaya since Septemer until November. I had a cute studio apt owned by a guy for Oklahoma living upstairs. The baht bus was close. For 10 baht which is thirty cents you can take a ride.

The reason I was in Pattaya was that my friend Leon was there and was working on a business that had been started in the 1990’s. I was really excited because it sounded like a wonderful opportunity. Didn’t like Pattaya as a place to live, but if I had a chance at supplementing my social security, I was in.

But it didn’t work out.

Living in Cambodia

Well it’s been 40+ years since I divorced my husband.

Ten years later in 1991 I lost my 22 year old son.

My family didn’t do well. His sister’s were devastated.

He was murdered at my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday celebration at her house she shared with other students.

The other sister’s were just turning 15 and the middle sister was 16.

I was a divorced single mother.

So here I am in Cambodia.

Living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I have lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia since December 2, 2017. Actually I came to Cambodia on October 2016 and stayed for six months and returned to San Diego, California for four months. Then returned to Thailand for three months then back to Siem Reap and have been here since December 2017.

I live at a hotel in the Wat

Bo area of town close to th

e river that is a pleasant walk with benches to sit and enjoy. There are vendors along the street selling fruit shakes or nuts and traditional Cambodian food, noodles or rice and chicken for $1.00

I am here as a single 60+ women, retired living on social security. Having lived the past 44 years in San Diego , California which was a beautiful seaside city located on the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately I no longer could afford to live in that beautiful city.

I moved from Upstate New York on a miserable day in October and landed in a sun streaked beach city. I was never going to live in New York again.


Well here I am In Cambodia.  The famous Angkor Wat is here in Siem Reap.  The 7th wonder of the world!!  I lived here previously for six months and made friends with fellow Americans and Brits.

I plan on staying here for now. I am staying at a hotel.  My Brit friend is running the hotel.

I came here alone. The jouney started out in Las Vegas then to Thailand with my friend.  Now he is still in Thailand.  

It was a move made out of financial benefits, adventure and most of all my family.